About Us


I have always loved my natural hair and it's versatility: curly, silk-pressed, braids, wigs, weaves or crochets - I can do what I want with it. My hair is a reflection of how I feel. However, every time I was dreading the “hair day”, when I had to takedown my hair extensions or detangle and care for my hair. Frustrated of how long it would take to do my hair and how damaged it was every single time, I decided to create the Moiiza Product Line - an all natural, super effective hair care system for busy women who want a simple hair care routine allowing them to wear different hairstyles, while keeping their hair healthy and growing.

Moiiza helps kinky curly hair women have beautiful, healthy, strong and growing hair with ANY type of hairstyles in a fun, easy and fast way. Who said hair had to be complicated? Moiiza makes you do you and have fun with your hair, with a simplified haircare!

Moiiza CEO sitting and smiling