How we became Moiiza

In all honesty, since 2019 we had been thinking of ways to enhance the brand. We wanted to make the moisture leave-in treatment more accessible. We wanted to make it easier for curly hair women to understand how it can help transform their hair experience. Make is easy and simple to switch up their hairstyles while never have to worry about the health of their curly hair.

Then Covid happened.

Just like everyone of us, this pandemic threw us off our groove. But we later realized that it was a blessing in disguise because it forced us to step back and really dig deep on what made this moisture leave-in treatment loved by sooo many.

Instead of complaining about Covid, we took advantage of this time to reset and realign our approach. How did we go about finding the Moiiza brand name you might ask?

Well, we looked back at all the feedback received from clients that have been using the products for 2-3 years. What did clients say?

"It's easy to use. It's simple and acts fast."

"Good moisturizer! My hair is now easy to manage. I am actually having fun with my hair now!"

"It made me discover my hair."

We know the product is loved because it is a one step solution helping modern, fun, versatile, edgy and life loving women like you switch up hairstyles on the daily while keeping your hair moisturized and taken care of - with minimal efforts.

It moisturizes the hair. And it keeps the moisture IN.

It became evident that the secret key to all this simple, stupid easy, effective hair care was MOISTURE. 

Moisture kept coming back.

Then it clicked.

Moisture, moiisture, moiiiisssture... Moiiza.

Moiiza moisture leave-in hair treatment

When we asked our clients: Why do you use Moiiza? This is what they said:

"It keeps the moisture in so I do not need to reapply products everyday".

"My hair is so moisturized that it doesn't break, I can actually see my hair grow!"

"Listen girl...It only takes 1 application step and it keeps the moisture in. & I don't need to think about my hair for weeks!"

"I took out my braids the other day. My hair was so shiny and moisturized that it looked like a fresh braid-out!"

"I am looking forward to take down my extensions & see the growth."

In simple terms... we know the key to healthy, strong, soft, easy to manage curly hair is moisture... And this is exactly what we do.

So it just made sense to call your favourite hair product: Moiiza! :)

Moiizagirl..., if you want simple hair care and enjoy hair freedom : get your Moiiza here.