FALL IS HERE. 5 simple steps to keep hair moisturized during Fall

Colder weather is like an electricity shock to curly hair. When you have to say good bye to the summer that required minimum hair care, it it discouraging to have to reconfigure your entire hair routine. But don’t worry, there are simple things you can start doing now to make your curls get back their moisture during Fall season. Continue reading!


First things first, let’s break down why colder months equals dryer hair. In simple terms, cold weather dries out the air and dry air has no moisture. During Fall season, curly hair gets limp and textured hair gets more brittle because they are constantly in contact with… you guessed it: air! However, it doesn’t stop here. You are not doomed to dry and dull hair. There are simple things you can start doing now that will change your hair game. The best part is that all those tips are simple to implement. Ready?



Yeah… I know. It might sound too simplistic, or even too obvious… ? The reality is that our hair is a living organ that needs to be cared for. Just like a plant that is drying up because there was no rain was several days. If your hair is dry, you need to drink more water to hydrate it from within. I believe you get the point right? Drink more water. You will be surprised at how more supple and strong your hair feels.



I know you like those baby hair but… this is the time to lay low on the drying “strong hold” hair gels. If you need to lay those edges, either switch to hair gels that are more moisturizing and wear your head scarf for a longer period of time to keep those edges laid. Or coat your edges with a good moisturizer to protect it before putting the gel on your edges.



Say adios to drying shampoo and start washing your hair with conditioners instead. Afraid that your hair won’t be as clean? Do not worry, conditioners are as cleansing as shampoos. In fact, they have elements (called cationic) that lift the dirt from our hair without the drying effect of  shampoo that also strips the natural oils from our hair to create that “squeaky clean” feeling. Use conditioners to clean your hair 3 times per month. Limit shampoo usage to once a month.

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We love fall because we can put so many more layers of clothes to keep us warm and comfy. Well, the same logic applies to your hair. If you want your hair to stay warm & moisturized, get into the habit of moisturizing your hair and then keep them warm with hats, headwraps, bonnets or hoodies to protect it from the drying cold air…Moisturize your hair and then dress it up!



Keep the moisture longer by wearing more protective hairstyles. Wigs, braids, weaves, crochets: They keep your hands away from touching your real hair and removing the moisture go from your hair to your hands. Before you put your extensions in, just make sure you protect your hair with an extremely nourishing & moisturizing cream to give a boost to your hair & keep it strong and nourished while you wear your protective style for an extended period of time.


Fall is here. And your hair doesn't have to suffer for it. Make those simple changes to your routine, one at a time. You will be amazed by the results. Let me know if you give one of them a try in the comments below!