If you are like me, sometimes it feels like our hair is going nowhere: no change, no improvement, no growth. However, watching old pictures of our hair often makes us gasp! Sometimes, it's a happy discovery: when your current hair is longer, stronger, has more density than in the picture. But other times..., it is rather quite a shameful and discouraging experience to see your hair has deteriorated...


But how can you ensure your hair keeps growing? It’s simple. Do those 3 things and you will see results. It's guaranteed.



The main challenge with our curly hair is that it looses its moisture very quickly. I mean, very quickly. Everything we do seems to remove moisture from our hair: touching it, friction (hello pillows and scarfs!), synthetic material (collective side-eye to hair extensions…). However, luckily for us we have products and techniques that help boost moisture in our hair and keep it in.

  1. Hair butters will help seal-in the moisture in your hair.  Put some just before you jump in the pool or swim at the beach to protect your hair from the dryness caused by the chlorine or the salty water. Also, this is a must if you wear hair extensions: apply some just before you braid your hair. It will keep your hair moisturized and protected during even when you wear extensions for extended periods of time.
  2. Try to reduce friction every time you can: satin bonnets, satin pillow cases, lining your winter hats with satin are your go tos
  3. Reduce manipulation with protective hair styles : braids, wigs, plaits, twists. Anything that will keep your hands out of your hair!



Moisture gets all the spotlight, rightfully so. However, if your curls get spongy, is over-elastic, look limp, lack definition, then it is because your hair needs protein.

  1. Protein deep treatments will help reconnect the protein chains inside the hair, giving the structure back to each hair strand. 
  2. To prevent weakening your hair; reduce the usage of heat because it breaks the structure that gives the curl pattern to your hair. This is why heat damaged hair will look straight and limp even when wet... It's summer girl... so take a break with that air dryer!



 <img src="curly hair.jpg" alt="women with curly hair and stretched hair">


Let’s make one thing clear: your curly hair grows. Yes it does. All hair grows between 0.5- 1 inch per month. The reason why you do not see the length is simply because when it grows, it creates a new curls instead of appearing longer. But the good thing is that if you stretch it, you will see the length! So the lesson is to leave your hair alone. Stretch your hair (only a few times thought) just to see how much it has grown. But it is all about being patient and letting your hair live, be and create that next curl.


Next time you wonder if your hair is growing, just remember that it is growing beautiful, strong, healthy, glorious curls!